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The Frank Anthony Public School, Bangalore


Welcome to the official website of The Frank Anthony Public School, Bangalore. Founded by barrister-in-law and Member of Parliament Mr. Frank Anthony, in the year 1967, this hallowed institution has been committed to providing high-quality education and a rich platter of knowledge and experiences to all those who tread its grounds. Students from all communities and walks of life mingle within the walls of the school, accounting for a diversity of vision and atmosphere which is to be marvelled at.

We believe in gearing up our students for the greater hike of life, rather than a mere hike in their grades, and they have never failed to amaze us. Children of every kind of aptitude and preference will find their calling at FAPS with its multitude of rigorous activities, be it academics, sports, music, art, drama, business, oration, martial arts or anything one can name. Explore this website to know more about us, our journey and our mission.



Admissions 2020

For admissions to class Pre-Nursery & Nursery (L.K.G), please Click here