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The Frank Anthony Public School holds co-curricular activities like debates in high esteem. It encourages students to build confidence speaking in front of large crowds and helps them learn how to assemble their thoughts coherently in a short period of time. Our students have excelled and spoken brilliantly over the years, giving rise to brilliant debaters and future leaders. We hold an inter house debate which kicks off every academic year. We also send the students for numerous inter-school debates where they never fail to be exceptional representatives of the school.


The art of quizzing has always been one of the most integral parts of FAPS. We kick off the year with the inter house quiz, which builds the momentum for a brilliant year of many inter school quizzes like TCS IT Whiz, the Tri-FAPS Quiz, and quizzes at various fests.  During these quizzes, our students excel at proving their knowledge on a wide range of subjects and bring glory to the school.

Music Competition

It is an inter-house event with four sub-events – Indian (Group and Solo), Western (Group and Solo), and Carol. The groups are also judged on their costumes, apart from their singing.

Science Exhibition

The Science Exhibition is an inter-house event, held for students from classes 6 to 12, and is witness to very innovative projects every year. It is judged by the science teachers of the senior school, and every grade has a winning team. This event gives the students an opportunity to get in touch with their scientific side, and also develops their presentation skills.

Art and Craft Exhibition

It is an inter-house event held by The Epic Club of The Frank Anthony Public School. Students display their art work, which is predominantly eco – friendly.  The art projects are judged by a school teacher and a guest judge.


Elocution competitions are held in Junior School and Senior School. Children from the third standard onwards are allowed to participate. Thus, at a tender young age, our students are encouraged to participate in this event which nurtures them into confident and intelligent young people. Elocutions develop a mix of memory, acting, and oratorical skills.

Essay Writing

The development of cognitive writing skills is extremely important in today’s technologically driven world and our school puts great emphasis on expanding the skills of our already talented and expressive students. We have several essay competitions designed to hone the talents of our young writers like the Albert Barrow Essay Writing Competition, as well as Regional Language Essay Competitions in Hindi and Kannada.


We host various Olympiads in our school like the Science, Cyber, Math and English Olympiads. Within the English Olympiads, we have two further sub divisions, the NIEO and IEO examinations. Many of our students have qualified for the second stages of these exams and have obtained brilliant National and International rankings. These Olympiads showcase the sheer intellect of our students and bring great honour to our institution