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Epic Club

The Epic Club comprises students from the ninth and eleventh standard. EPIC stands for Environmental Protection Indigenous Corps. It is a club which serves to protect the environment and raise awareness about the eco-friendly way of living among its members and students. They host several assemblies in order to raise awareness. Every year they go on a picnic to Freedom Park to observe new and innovative garbage disposal inventions.

The Frank Anthony Cultural Club

The Frank Anthony Cultural club was formed in the 2016-17 academic year.  F.A. C. C is given the responsibility of coordinating, preparing and selecting teams to represent our school and participate at various inter-school events and fests. There are twenty-five members in this club, represented by the 10 standard students. They work harmoniously and ensure that FAPS is rewarded with a fair amount of success and recognition.This year, students participated with full enthusiasm in ‘Expressions’, an inter-school fest organized by FAPS, where we were the winners.

Pen & Ink Club

The Pen and Ink Club, comprising of ninth and tenth standard students, is dedicated to improving the already high level of English in our school. It also elects its office bearers from among its members and spends the year organising competitions for the junior classes. It organizes spelling bees, essay competitions, and poetry writing competitions in order to develop the talents of budding young writers in the school.

Interact Club

This club comprises of students from class 11. The students involved in the club are expected to rise up to the occasion and organise large events. This club hones the communication skills of its members and also develops a sense of teamwork, responsibility, and capability. After electing the office bearers, the club starts its academic year with a charity drive. Over the span of the year it hosts a minimum of two drives in which the members collect various items such as food, stationery, and medical supplies from the students of the school and gives it to those in need. Apart from its philanthropic work, the members also host the annual school fest ‘Expressions.’ This difficult yet ultimately highly rewarding task is truly the highlight of the club’s year. The proceeds of this fest yet again are given to those in need.

Editorial Committee

The Editorial Committee is comprised of a group of students dedicated toward documenting every aspect of the school’s academic year. Their aim is to create the annual school magazine. They come up with innovative and relevant themes that do justice to all the magnificent events that have gone by. They spend long hours gathering information, collecting artwork and editing articles.

Quiz Club

The Quiz Club consists of the top quizzers in our school. The club’s astoundingly intelligent members form smaller groups based on their main areas of knowledge and participate in various quiz competitions.

Hindi & Kannada Club

The Hindi and Kannada Sahithya Sabha are very important in promoting regional and national languages. They conduct essays and debates held in their respective languages, and help students write articles for the school magazine in either Hindi or Kannada. FAPS believes it is very important for students to remain multilingual and stay close to their roots, as loss of culture is something we wish to avoid.

The Cookery Club

A couple of decades ago, cooking was looked upon as the monopoly of women. Now a days, the career opportunities are plenty with a degree in Hotel Management. A stroll through the culinary landscape has become a necessary luxury.The cookery club, inaugurated on the 5th of August, is the new addition to the litany of clubs at FAPS, comprising of fourteen enthusiastic members. The occasion turned out to be an opulent celebration when the tantalising aroma of dense chocolate cakes, muffins and steaming coffee from the home science lab wafted through the corridors. The joy of cooking and serving with commendable hospitality were displayed by the little chefs with apt guidance from the home science department. Later, the members were given badges. This interesting realm helps the students explore new cultures and imbibe qualities of self-reliance and team work.“There is no sincere love than the love of food” – George Bernard Shaw