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Inter-FAPS-Triangular Meet

The Inter FAPS triangular meet, or ‘Tri-FAPS’ as it is commonly known, is an annual event which takes place during the month of October. It is an event that brings together students from The Frank Anthony Public Schools of Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata. The three schools take turns hosting this event.

Tri-FAPS includes competitions in sports (football, basketball, volleyball, throwball) as well as debate and quiz. It encourages sportsmanship and comradery.  It strengthens bonds that last a lifetime among the students and thereby brings the Fapsian family closer together.


ExpressionsExpressions is an annual inter-school fest organized by The Interact Club of The Frank Anthony Public School. It is a charitable event, and all proceeds go to a charitable cause. It is a renowned fest, and has been a tradition at Frank Anthony for decades now. It is a two-day fest, with various literary and cultural events such as dance, debate, art, quiz, JAM, vocals and so on.

Expressions has been a huge success every year and is fondly awaited by all the students of the 10th standard. For the past two years, Expressions has also had famous Indian bands and DJs perform for all the participants.

School Events


InvestitureThis ceremony is held at the beginning of the year, to formally appoint the heads of the school, sports, and each individual house, along with the school prefects.

InvestitureThis is followed by a speech addressed to all the students, and the newly appointed prefects and captains.


Founders DayOur school has always held Founder’s Day in high esteem. It falls on September 25th and is a welcome break from the examination week. All students attend a short special assembly at school to celebrate this event. During this program, students from all classes perform songs, dances and skits, entertaining everyone and creating an enjoyable atmosphere.  This is followed by the Chief Guest’s Speech. Every year, our chief guest never fails to be enigmatic and wise. Then the students listen to a brief speech about our founder, Frank Anthony, and how he started this school and excelled in various fields.  The school magazine is usually released at this prestigious event in honour of our founder.

Founders DayOur Principal concludes the assembly and the rest of the day is filled with fun activities. The teachers and students take a break from usual classes and spend time playing volleyball and throwball with each other. The day is always exciting and entertaining – a brilliant way to celebrate our founder.


ValedictoryValedictory is the graduation ceremony for the students who are passing out of 10th and 12th grade, thus completing their ICSE and ISC courses respectively. It is a very nostalgic evening, consisting of beautiful music by the school choir and talented musicians, led by maestro Mr. Narayanaswamy, a valedictory speech by the class 10 and 12 valedictorians, and a response by their juniors in 9th and 11th grade respectively, the reflections of a senior school teacher, and inspiring and thought – provoking speeches by The Principal and the Chief Guest.

There is also a candle – lighting ceremony which symbolizes the spreading of knowledge and the flame of the candle is called ‘The Flame of Knowledge’. The night is wrapped up with a dinner for all the staff, students, and parents.


Speech DayIt is the very last event of the year, where the general proficiency winners of each grade, from nursery to 12th, are facilitated.

Speech DayThere are also special prizes, which are named after prominent ex-fapsians, and are awarded to deserving students who have displayed exceptional leadership skill, compassion for fellow students, or students with great aptitude for subjects like English, Math, Chemistry and so on.
Speech DayThis felicitation ceremony is followed by various forms of entertainment by our very own junior school students.