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Sports Day


Sports Day at FAPS has always been a special day. There are two separate sports days held at FAPS, one for the Junior School and one for the Senior School.

Junior School Sports Day

Junior School Sports DayJunior School Sports Day is an event filled with colour and festivity. The tone for the day is set by the March Past which is put together by Mrs. Asha, the PT teacher.

Junior School Sports Day

The March Past is followed by various novelty races and drills. The cheers that pulsate through the shamayanas during this special event is something you can only experience at FAPS. The day is always graced with the presence of the brass band, under the able guidance of their maestro,Mr. V. Narayanaswamy. Junior School Sports Day is certainly an event on the school calendar that the students and the parents look forward to with great anticipation.

Senior School Sports day


sports_day1Senior School Sports Day is one of the biggest events of the academic year. It is usually held during the month of November.  Like Junior School Sports, the Senior School Sports Day is also kick-started by the March Past. It showcases immense discipline and coordination and is truly a spectacle to savour.

sports_day2The March Past is followed by a pyramid display, which is definitely an event to look out for. It certainly gives proof to the statement ‘Practice makes perfect.’
The day then proceeds into the track events. Various schools like Bishop Cottons Boys’ School, Clarence High, St. Germains’ and others are regular participants in the inter-school track events.M


sports_day3The FAPS Brass Band, which is one of the best brass bands in the country, adds a musical vibe to the occasion. Sports day would not be possible without The Band.sports_day5

The event is brought to a solemn end with the Closing Ceremony.

sports_day4Sports day epitomises school life. It moulds a person by giving them a taste of defeat or an influx of triumph.